Possum (voz) wrote,

Day 04 – What you ate today, in great detail

I just woke up around 5:30pm, so I haven't eaten much of anything yet.

Around 3:30 today Kyle woke me up to remind me to call the shop about my car (still an electrical problem). He made us cinnamon rolls for breakfast, fresh out of the oven. I was half asleep and ate two. =)

Right now I'm sipping a hazelnut-flavored coffee I just brewed (whole bean coffee in a coffee mill, not ground). I take my coffee about 4/5 coffee and 1/5 milk, no sugar. The more I've learned about sugar, carbs and diabetes as I've gotten older, the more I've reduced the sugar in the everyday things I consume. I still need to be eating a LOT less sugar and saturated fats, although I tend to eat what is convenient, inexpensive and/or free.

Right now I am also eating a Yoplait Light yogurt. The flavor is white chocolate strawberry. Not sure how I feel about it yet. It's alright I guess.
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