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Friends, assholes, and bad dreams

I hung out with Ian last night for the first time since I went with him to get his license. We played pool for a little while at Hustlers until he got a call from his friend Bob-O who was down at The Dek with some people, who he warned me is an asshole. I get along with most assholes, and Bob-O thus far hasn't been an exception. If I had to classify the kind of asshole he is: blunt about fucking, overconfident, will fuck with someone during a prank phone call. We beered it up at The Dek, the guys tried to mack on some chicks for awhile, and then we decided to go to Denny's.

Before I continue, let me tell you about this kid Andy who's Ian's friend. Andy has been in several successful local bands, including one with Mike in which they had a big falling out because Andy is a show-running prick who thinks he's King Shit. Andy's band up in Jacksonville just got signed to the same label as Skindred, Soil, etc. which I'm sure hasn't helped his ego get any smaller. He also has a beautiful girlfriend of at least 2 or 3 years named Barbara. So King Shit Rockstar Andy is hitting on this chick ("the brunette" as everyone called her) trying to get her to come to Denny's with us. He's making eyes with her n' shit, and I found myself getting really pissed. Here's this guy who's got this incredible girlfriend, and he's seriously hitting on some girl he found at the bar. Now if their arrangement is anything like mine and Kyle's (a.k.a, he's bringing her home for both of us) that'd be one thing. But I know their relationship is NOT like that, and I'm witnessing something I know if Barb could see would be really upsetting to her. I guess I just hate to see good people like her being disrespected on such a personal level in front of all her boyfriend's buddies.

Anyway. Brunette didn't end up coming with us to Denny's.

If you guessed upset stomach and horrible dreams, you're right. You don't win any prizes though, sorry.

These were definitely some of the worst bad dreams I've had in awhile because they were both about Kyle. Or I guess, The AntiKyle (much like the Antichrist) because Kyle was not the Kyle I know and love in these dreams.

In the first dream, Kyle and I were at a bar. I was SO THIRSTY. Like literally, I'd consumed so much beer and salty food prior to falling asleep and was SO THIRSTY that it got incorporated into my dream. So anyway, Kyle and I were at the bar, and I ordered two LARGE sodas for us. The bartender brought out one, which I gave to Kyle. Then the bartender wouldn't give me mine, and Kyle wouldn't share his and sat there drinking it all right in front of me. This made me very upset because Kyle ALWAYS shares things with me and I was SO THIRSTY. So thirsty that I left the dream bar by myself to go to WalMart just to get something to drink. When I got there I realized that Kyle let me drive there without my contact lenses in, which in real life would almost definitely kill me and I started crying.

After that, I woke up and drank about a gallon of fucking water, and went back to sleep.

The second dream I had was even worse. We were at this HUGE beachfront hotel. It was so huge that it was extremely easy to get lost in. In this dream Kyle had a lot of close friends--another contradiction to his real life--and they were all there for some sort of get-together. We were trying to get this girl to have sex with us, so I let him go talk to her and was under the assumption that if it worked out he'd come get me. I was hanging out somewhat nearby, so I could tell if things were going favorably or not. It looked like they were, and that good things were going to happen. Kyle, the girl, and this other guy started walking off, and I thought I was going with them so I followed but got lost in the huge hotel. All I cared about was finding Kyle, and I couldn't find him for hours. I was getting more frantic and upset, and kept trying to text him but couldn't type out the message to save my life. I went out to the beach hoping he'd find me realizing I was lost, and as time dragged on, hoping that I even was lost and not cut out of the picture entirely. Eventually they all came back. The girl hadn't wanted me there, so they just went on without me. In real life, Kyle would never, ever do something like that to me. He even went on to trivialize how hurt I was. Put the girl's eyeglasses on me, I told him I couldn't see with them and somehow it felt like one more thing about me that wasn't good enough.

When you dream as vividly as I do, dreams like these can REALLY fuck you up. I'd be even more fucked up about it if not for knowing that Kyle is NOT like the dream Kyle in any way. Honestly, I think I just really miss him lately.
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