Possum (voz) wrote,

I was hoping to wake up at 5:00pm to go for a walk and catch the last bits of sunlight, but as usual 5:00pm came around and I ended up turning my alarm off and going back to sleep. So basically, the most sunlight I ever see now is when the sun starts to rise. I have literally become a vampire. Thanks, work.

Thanks to work, I'm also realizing why so many attractive women act bitchy towards men...because a lot of men are persistent, don't listen, and/or can't take a fucking hint. I'm not talking about the guys who politely extend an invitation to dinner or something and respectfully bow out when I inform them that I'm with someone. They respect boundries and unfortunately make up only about 10% of the dudes I encounter. "Boundries" doesn't even seem to be in the vocabulary of most of these guys. At least when I was in college there were hundreds of girls around my age, many of them more attractive/put more effort into their appearance than me, making me average by comparison and able to avoid all this male dick-thinking bullshit. Now I'm a big fish in a small bowl, and all the attention makes me feel uncomfortable and aggravated. I mean, I could always ugly myself up a bit...but I like looking the way I do. The before-work ritual of putting on my makeup (and in a way, getting into character) is therapeutic and helps me feel ready to face the night's challenges. People certainly treat me differently when I don't do anything with myself, but I don't look nice for anyone else but me (except maybe Kyle =P).

It's always "do you have a man?" this, and "I'm a REAL man" that.

"You got a boyfriend?"
"Yeah, he's awesome."
"But do you got a husband?"

What the fuck difference does that make? I've already said I'm taken, you turd. Go away so I can get back to work.

"You're a good luck charm! Every time I talk to you I make more money. I'm just going to steal some of your luck (cue unwanted touching of my arm)."

Uh, BACK THE FUCK OUT OF MY PERSONAL SPACE. Just because I'm nice to you (partially out of being forced to by work, partially because I'm a people-pleaser), doesn't mean you get to put your hands on me. And for god's sake, please put on an undershirt, you're beaming. =\

There's another lady who works overnight once a week named Linda, and she's got her own fan club. Whenever she requests off and I work one of her nights, there are all these guys coming in asking "Where's Linda? Did she leave already?". One guy asked me this. I told him "she's got the night off tonight". Then he was like "...oh. She didn't tell me." Well, are you family? No? Then she doesn't have to tell you anything, buddy.

I try to put a lot of this shit out of my mind because it's exhausting to deal with. Just by being female I'm going to expect to have to put up with a certain amount of shit and daily annoyances. I really hate to make blanket statements about guys, there are plenty of good ones out there who "get it", and I think a lot of men just confuse my being nice and helpful with showing interest. I can understand that, and I can certainly appreciate when a guy shows interest in me as long as he doesn't persist after I tell him I'm with somebody.

And it's not like women get a free pass on this either...I'm pretty sure nearly every woman has led some poor guy on at least once in her life. This can range from being "too nice" to let the man know she's not interested for fear of hurting his feelings, to malicious "bleed him dry" and "use him for all he's got" gold-diggery. It's not fair to take advantage of people, ever, and that goes for everybody.
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