Possum (voz) wrote,

Good news everyone! I've taught the toaster to feel love!

Actually, the real good news is that I'm finally moving out. =D

One of the renters at the house Kyle lives at just moved out, and Kyle negotiated with the landlord to get me moved in and have both our rents lowered. We were in a good position to negotiate--the landlord benefits by not having to wait for another tenant to move in, and by not losing a second tenant who might otherwise move out to be with his girlfriend. =P

The place we live is really pretty. It sits in front of a big pond, surrounded by huge oak trees covered in Spanish moss. There are lots of animals, including 6 sets of baby ducks in various stages of maturity, turtles, kitties, native birds, fish, and an otter that lives in the pond as well. There's a table and chairs set up in the front yard under a gigantic oak tree. I'll definitely take some pictures when I get moved in.
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