Possum (voz) wrote,

Anyone seen the design on the backs of the new pennies? They look like they should be called "police state pennies":

I met up at Rack'Em Billiards with Jesse after work last night. There was a whole biker block party happening, and the streets were lined with motorcycles. We hung out, I met some of Jesse's friends ("Whitey Alabastard", and this guy who told me I look like a tiny Scarlett Johansson...what a flattering load of horseshit. =P) We jammed out to a rockabilly band & had ourselves a good ol' Southern time. I missed Jesse, I hadn't seen her in at least a month...which is silly, because she literally lives right down the street.

It was FREEZING at work today, and has been for the past few days. I'm talking like 40 degrees. We don't have a thermostat to adjust the temperature and our boss Sean has been putting in maintenance requests for a couple days now. Nine out of ten people walking in are complaining about how cold it is. To have to be there working for 8 hours is fucking ridiculous, we're all gonna get sick from having our immune systems compromised like that. Speaking of compromising my immune system, I also sliced my finger with a dirty box cutter today--probably one used for breaking down boxes, cutting food, etc. I bled through about six band-aids, and I'm afraid to take off the ones I have on in case it still hasn't stopped bleeding yet.

Kyle's mom is going to be moving on the 15th. He knew for awhile that she was (possibly) moving away to be with her Tennessee man friend, but she only told him the exact date, oh, about a week in advance? Doesn't exactly give him a lot of time to consider the finer details of finding a place for his stuff, finding a way to move it, finding a place to live... We were already planning on moving in together anyway, but we wanted to have a little more money saved first. Mostly I just don't like the idea of him living out of his car until we find a place. I'm not worried exactly, I know he can take care of himself. He's one of the most resilient people I've ever met. I just don't like the idea of him having to do that unnecessarily, when if he'd known her exact moving date sooner he could've had more time to prepare. He doesn't have any other family here besides his younger brother who disappears for days and weeks at a time. If he needs a place to stay I'm gonna ask my mom if he can stay here until we're moved out. That might actually not be so bad. His presence keeps my stress levels low and I'm sure not having to live out of a car will keep his stress levels low too.

Hm. It's been about 4 days since I stopped smoking and started running again. I really feel worlds better. I haven't even wanted to smoke, and I'm hoping that will last long enough for me to be able to tell myself "no, don't break the streak now".

Eh, well...sorry. I'm boring. Fuck off? =P
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